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Listed here are some of the events that have been held at the club

New Year Turkey Shoot

1st January 2022

A change in the weather meant that those archers not suffering from the previous night’s celebrations could enjoy a fun day taking revenge on the turkey. Dave’s magnificent bird was led out so we could take revenge after all those turkey leftover meals. Also, at the field a fox had come along to feast on any scraps. Other targets consisted of gingerbread biscuits, snowmen, Christmas baubles, all was totally crackers!

After warming up on the Christmas faces, we moved on to the main event. Taking revenge on the turkey and the fox. After securing the fox so it couldn’t bolt, the turkey was set up at a number of testing angles, the most difficult was the head on head shot. Good results were achieved and he was returned to the turkey coop at the end of the day remarkably intact.

Also of note was our new member Tony’s score of 249 on a Frostbite. Only one point more for a badge!

I am going to set up a Jurassic Park shoot for Easter. Going with an egg theme. The Turkey will have a new paint job to be transformed into an Oviraptorsaur.



Halloween Shoot

6th November 2021

After the disappointment of the cancelled shoot on the 30th this weekend with better weather meant that the Plague Doctor was happy to visit our field. Little did he know what was in store for him. A good turn out meant he would have to face a horrific onslaught with his final demise after a rather unfortunate accident!

Steve’s wonderful bat mobile was much admired and in addition there were swarms of bats to be shot down. The ever popular “William Tell” apple shoot saw a lot of excellent shots from all participants both new members and old.

Coming soon will be a Dartchery competition as well as the Christmas Turkey shoot.

From this month onwards up until March we are having an internal “Frostbite” competition. New members speak to the coaches to get instructions. Score sheets to to be put in the Red Box opposite the container. Also email your totals to Bob so the monthly scores can be revealed to all. There will be four groups:

Recurve, Compound, Barebow, and Longbow.


The Robin Hood Challenge

14th August and 4th September 2021

These two weekends saw the “The Robin Hood Challenge” take place. Thanks to all helpers especially Lois who supplied refreshment, especially the Jaffa Cakes. There were three groups Senior members, New members and Junior members. Prizes will be awarded next weekend. Two Robin Hood jugs, and for Juniors a Robin Hood hat with feathers.

The second weekend saw a number of junior members taking part. We would all like to thank Steve for installing his “Magnificent Flying Machine” we will definitely be bringing it out again. Quite a challenge shooting at a moving target!

Below are the final scores, Steve and John shot again, their second round scores prove practice makes perfect.

Scores for “The Robin Hood Challenge”

Archer - Distances (yds) - Score (5 zone) - Bow Type

Rachel 30 20 10 - 181 - Recurve

Grace 30 20 10 - 196 - Recurve

David 30 20 10 - 108 - Recurve

Yousuf 30 20 10 - 261 - Recurve (Winner, Junior Member)

Maariya 30 20 10 - 122 - Recurve

Sam 30 20 10 - 266 - Recurve

Faisal 40 30 20 - 229 - Recurve (Winner, New Member)

Rob 50 40 30 - 202 - Recurve

Steve 50 40 30 - 277 and 304 - Recurve (Winner, Senior Member)

Paul 50 40 30 - 214 - Recurve

Yan 50 40 30 - 137 - Longbow

John 50 40 30 - 192 and 219 - Recurve

Barry 50 40 30 - 229 - Recurve

Bob 50 40 30 - 282 - Compound (reinstated)

Elaine 50 40 30 - 275 - Compound

Awards to be handed out next weekend when we will celebrate by having another shot at the Sheriff.


Scouts taster session

13th July 2021

Here are a few photos of the taster archery session, run for the benefit of the 4th Ilford troop earlier this summer.

Rob runs through the safety procedures

Our Badge Winners

Yan, Steve and Bob have received badges for coming first in the indoor postal competition. Well done lads!!

Yan, Steve & Bob sporting their badges.

Dragon Boat Team - Fun Shoot

13th July 2019

A great day was had by the Dragon Boat team

Don't shoot the bear competition

6th July 2019

Thanks to all who attended the shoot which ended up with some interesting statistics! The overall winner on points was 1st Yan (264) 2nd Bob (206) 3rd Justyna (142) But of course what you really want to know was how the cuddly animals got on. Justyna and Yan were so kind as to not hit them once, the rest of us were not so considerate. And as for Dominik he seemed to bear a grudge towards the Porky Pig with a total of 8 hits, tut, tut. No bacon sandwiches for him for the next month. How the animals got on, number of hits taken: 1st Porky Pig 13 hits (only 5 without Dominik’s contribution) 2nd Donkey 12 hits (bad luck Eeyore, shouldn’t have such big ears) 3rd Teddy Bear 9 hits (how could you you miserable archers) 4th Monkey 8 hits (should have stayed up the tree) 5th Chicken 4 hits (off to KFC you go) 6th. Camel (don’t get the hump, you came of best) There was some pretty impressive scores with many 5s scored in individual ends, but my only claim to fame on the day was to score a max. of 30 in one end. I feel that there will now be a concentration on 60cm target faces at 20 yards awaiting the next DON’T SHOOT THE BEAR CHALLENGE. Once again thanks to all participants. Bob

The Victims
Don't Shoot The Bear

Safari Shoot

February 2019

February 2019

The magnificent moving target invention

Moving Targets - What Next!