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Merry People (Men) V Sheriff’s People (Men)

Two Groups,

Group 1 Seniors ie. existing members. Group 2 This year’s in take plus members who have re-joined after a break.

The Sherwood Forest Challenge

Tournament based loosely on the Windsor, Short Windsor and Junior Windsor. Distance for Seniors 50 40 30 yards. Distance for advanced new members 40 30 yards Distance for new members 20 15 yards Shot on 122 Face


Long bow, Compound, Recurve Barebow or Freestyle.

Teams to be divided evenly.

Two teams

Merry People and Sheriff’s People

Competition between two groups.

One dozen arrows at three distances. Seniors to help new members with sighters at each distance. (six sighters).

Individual winners

Highest score for Seniors, New members and Juniors.


For individual winners
Two Robin Hood Toby Jugs and for the juniors a Robin Hood hat (with feather).

Note Seniors

we will shoot our first dozen at 10.30 so we can help the newcomers with their sighters etc. The new members will start at 12.

Then followed by the summary execution of the Sheriff by disallusioned Sheriff's People and Merry People.

This will be run over two weekends to give holiday makers a chance (Please don't go abroad!)